SuccessFULL Living with Anita Maxwell was born after she served as a guest on In the R.A.W. with Ronda A. White, a popular Power Play Radio Network show. She offered such a diverse background of sports, business, community outreach, finances and more that the station owners spoke with her immediately afterwards and offered her a show. Her relatable perspective was embraced, and the simple, yet vital information she shared on finances was deemed to be much needed consistently on the air. Her ability to explain complex terms in everyday language proves to be valuable to any audience.

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Anita has over 20 years of professional career experience including various senior management level positions with for-profit and nonprofit organizations. She has the ability to connect with people on a level where they can understand and process information, leading her to be a sought after community relations professional, assisting corporations in achieving and maintaining positive relationships with their clients and the communities in which they do business.

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